F10 Premium Hygiene Pack

RRP: £42.95

F10 Premium Hygiene Pack

RRP: £42.95
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A pack of high quality products for ensuring optimal hygiene for your hands and the surfaces you frequently touch

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A banner image about the F10 Hand Decontaminants which reads - Don’t compromise safety by settling for ‘just ok’!

This pack includes:

  • 1 x F10 Hand Gel in 500ml dispensing bottle
    • a highly effective ready-to-use hand gel, for quick, easy and effective hand sanitisation whilst still being kind on skin
  • 2 x F10 Hand Foam in 50ml dispensing bottles
    • • a bag- or pocket-sized, ready-to-use, hand sanitiser. As it's foam, rather than gel, it's less messy than some hand products - no spills to wipe up and your hands feel fresh, so perfect for frequent use when on the go
  • 1 x F10 Hand Scrub in 500ml dispensing bottle
    • a medical-grade soap, which is designed to be kind on skin after frequent washing, with rapid kill times and a long-lasting residual action
  • 1 x F10 Disinfectant Wipes - a dispensing tub of 100 wipes
    • Biodegradable, single-use wipes impregnated with F10SC disinfectant for instant clean up and disinfection of objects, surfaces and hands

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F10's efficacy

All F10 products are formulated around the same F10 key actives. The F10SC disinfectant, on which the range is based, has been proven effective against coronavirus in independent tests, alongside all known types of pathogens including bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

Kind on your hands

The Hand Foam and F10 Hand Scrub are alcohol-free*, and the F10 Hand Gel is low-alcohol*. This zero/low alcohol level, and the high level of added emollients, makes them kinder on hands, particularly when used frequently, whilst still providing full anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral protection. They are graded 'zero' for dermal irritation.

* - Due to the efficacy of the F10 actives, the F10 hand decontaminants does not need to use alcohol to kill the pathogens. The alcohol content (35%) in the Hand Gel is only to aid quicker drying of the gel after application.

Check your current wipes:

  • Are they effective against viruses? Many wipes are just antibacterial. F10 Disinfectant Wipes are antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral.
  • Are they kind to skin? Not all wipes are designed for frequent use and can dry out skin. F10 Disinfectant Wipes are non-irritating and can even be used for hand decontamination.

Ask us about these products

We are happy to help, and advise on the use of these products and how they can fit with your hygiene regime.

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These products are developed by Health and Hygiene in South Africa. Please visit their website for further product details.